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Inpatient treatment

The course was developed by Professor Khachatrian especially for non-resident patients that involves the patient directly in the clinic at the hospital.

Check-in assume 2 times per month for up to 20 people. You can pre-enroll by phone

the +7 (775) 030-95-25

Every day, patients receive treatment and drugs of natural origin in all day. Schedule procedures and medications schedule is tight.

All patients compiled by the diet that you will support in our cafe. The cafe meets all the requirements of Professor Khachatryan. You try the healthy and nutritious food. Our cafe menu designed by the chef of the Ritz Carlton Moscow.

Этап №1 - Подготовительный этап продолжительность 5-7 дней

Step 2 — Etch the parasites
Duration — 3 days

Destroyed and derive from the body of parasites (opisthorchis, clonorchis, Giardia and other parasites of the body) and their metabolic products. Detoxification of the entire body.

Этап №3 — Очистительный этап
Продолжительность — 7 дней

The cleaned gastrointestinal tract and liver from parasites and their metabolic products. Restoring the detoxification function of the liver. The blood is purified of toxins is detoxification of the body. Updated cellular and immune system. Clears the bile ducts from the remnants of mucus. Suppressed the activity of parasites. Removed inflammatory processes in the body. The whole body, including the gut, immune system and liver are prepared for the main treatment of parasites.

Этап №4 — Восстановительный этап Продолжительность — 6-15 дней

Restore the intestinal flora and normalize metabolism. Strengthens the immune system. Improve detoxification function of intestines. Normalize and improve digestion and evacuation of bowel function.


the café & ndash; is a new concept on healthy and harmonious lifestyle. We want to change stereotypes about healthy eating, proving to our patients and guests that healthy cuisine can and should be colorful and incredibly delicious!

Our goal– to provide the opportunity to eat a full, balanced, tasty and varied.

our cafe Menu designed by the chef of the Ritz Carlton Moscow.

Even if You are not a patient of our clinic, but stick to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition You can always visit our café.

Our cafe can offer You three programs:

To maintain weight loss

For weight gain

For weight loss

Rooms for patients in the inpatient care

В нашей клинике 10 великолепных номеров категорий "Стандарт", "Twin","Twin Улучшенный”, “Полулюкс" и "Люкс". В каждом номере: встроенный шкаф для одежды, прикроватные тумбы, плазменный телевизор Smart TV, телефон, зеркало, бесплатный Wi-Fi Интернет. Ванная комната: современная сантехника, душевая кабина, фен, свежие полотенца, тапочки и набор гигиенических принадлежностей индивидуального пользования. Клинику окружает прекрасный пейзаж из елей, сосен, яблоневых деревьев, чистый горный воздух для вашего оздоровления.


1 single bed

Ten thousand ₸


2 single beds / 1 large double bed

Sixteen thousand ₸

Superior twin

2 single beds / 1 large double bed

Eighteen thousand ₸

Junior Suite

1 large double bed

Twenty one thousand ₸


1 large double bed

Twenty four thousand ₸


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