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Outpatient treatment

Full comprehensive treatment and cleansing of the body consists of 4 phases, which include 78 procedures, 15 drugs of natural origin and 5 types of detoxification and antioxidant treatment solutions

Perform a comprehensive cleansing of the entire body of toxins, toxins and parasites. This antiparasitic program with a deep cleansing of the liver and restore intestinal microflora. After the treatment in the body start the natural mechanisms of self-healing, resulting in are many chronic diseases that are not cured by classic.

Stage 1 — PREPARATORY STAGE Duration — 10-15 days

Prepared by biliary (bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreatic ducts) and the immune system to rid the body of parasites, toxicity and the complex cleaning of the organism from slags and toxins.

Step 4 — Recovery phase Duration — 6-9 days for 2-3 hours daily procedures in the clinic

Restore the intestinal flora and normalize metabolism. Strengthens the immune system. Improve detoxification function of intestines. Normalize and improve digestion and evacuation of bowel function.

Step # 3 — fasting Duration — 6-9 days for 2-3 hours daily procedures in the clinic

The cleaned gastrointestinal tract and liver from parasites and their metabolic products. Restoring the detoxification function of the liver. The blood is purified of toxins is detoxification of the body. Updated cellular and immune system. Clears the bile ducts from the remnants of mucus. Suppressed the activity of parasites. Removed inflammatory processes in the body. The whole body, including the gut, immune system and liver ,and prepared for the main treatment of parasites.

Step 2 — Etching of parasites Duration — 3 days, 2-3 hours daily procedures in the clinic

Destroyed and derive from the body of parasites (opisthorchis, clonorchis, Giardia and other parasites of the body) and their metabolic products. Detoxification of the entire body

Treatment in the outpatient

The duration of treatment
of 37

of 500 000 Tg


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