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A comprehensive course of purification, treatment and recovery

по уникальной запатентованной методике профессора Хачатряна А.П.

Лечим причину заболевания, а не устраняем его симптомы

the Clinic is founded by Ashot Khachatryan Papikovich – doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Honored inventor of Russia, Winner of goskomizobreteniy USSR, academician of the Russian Academy of medical and technical Sciences, academician of European Academy of natural Sciences, academician of new York Academy of Sciences.

therapies different from conventional medicine and not only aimed at neutralizing the symptoms but to eliminate the cause of the disease.

in Addition to the unique treatment methods, an important role in the treatment process to perform a patented environmentally friendly solutions. They are manufactured on special equipment and have anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, analgesic properties and also stimulate immune system and relieve toxicity.

the treatment Program according to the method of Professor P. A. Khachatryan aimed at cleansing the body of toxins, toxins, parasites and waste products and helps to restore lost functions. The result of the treatment: excellent immunity, the normalization of the digestive processes, healthy gut microflora.



Full kompleksnoe treatment and cleansing of the body consists of 4 phases
that includes 78 procedures, 15 drugs of natural origin and 5 types of detoxification
and antioxidant treatment solutions.


perform a comprehensive cleansing of the entire body of toxins, toxins and parasites. This antiparasitic program with a deep cleansing of the liver and restore intestinal microflora. After the treatment in the body start the natural mechanisms of self-healing, resulting in are many chronic diseases that can be treated by conventional means often does not work.

Stage 1 — PREPARATORY PHASE Duration — 7-10 days

Prepared by biliary (bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreatic ducts) and the immune system to rid the body of parasites, toxicity and the complex cleaning of the organism from slags and toxins.

Step 2 — STEP ETCHING of PARASITES Duration — 3 days 3-4 hours daily procedures in the clinic

Destroyed and derive from the body of parasites (opisthorchis, clonorchis, Giardia and other parasites of the body) and their metabolic products. Detoxification of the entire body

Step 3 — CLEANING STAGE lasts 7-9 days 3-4 hours daily procedures in the clinic

At this stage, is detoxification of the body by fasting. The cleaned gastrointestinal tract and liver from parasites and their metabolic products. Restoring the detoxification function of the liver. The blood is purified of toxins is detoxification of the body. Updated cellular and immune system. Clears the bile ducts from the remnants of mucus. Suppressed the activity of parasites. Removed inflammatory processes in the body.

Step 4 — RECOVERY PHASE Duration — 7-10 days, 2-3 hours daily procedures in the clinic

Restore the intestinal flora and normalize metabolism. Strengthens the immune system. Improve detoxification function of intestines. Normalize and improve digestion and evacuation of bowel function.

In the complex treatment includes patented procedures and methods
treatment and detoxification, as well as drugs of natural origin




Intestinal irrigation detoxifying and antioxidant treatment solutions;

- the Course of antibacterial inhalations;

Course detoxifying baths;

Course detoxifying body wraps;

- the Restoration of normal outflow of bile and liver functions;

- Activated antioxidant medicinal dropper with all the vital vitamin complexes In groups and in 100% digestible  form 

Oxidative steam cabins and cedar barrels with ionized solutions;

- a Course of massage of the internal organs and the course of recovery of the functions of the lymphatic system;

- the Rate of recovery of the intestinal microflora;

- the Course of 5-7-day fasting with taking activated therapeutic solutions, bentonite, psyllium, populin with dihydroquercetin etc.

- the Rate of etching of parasites;

Course duodenal during treatment and after treatment of parasites;

- the Course of check-useful microbiotics in the bowel, and full recovery of the intestinal microflora;

Course administration of probiotic NARINE-f-BALANCE;

- the intake of beneficial probiotics 

All drugs of natural origin that have proven themselves over decades of their use in the clinic of Professor Khachatryan A. P.:

Пробиотики собственного производства;

Антипаразитарные травы и растворы;

Детоксикационные и антиоксидантные

the treatment in the outpatient. Help with hotel or apartment to stay

Installment without %
the from Alfa-Bank with registration in the clinic

of 500 000 Tg

The duration of treatment
the from 14 to 37 days


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