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New development Professor

This is a unique product - CERAMIC AQUASPECTR. Place the ceramic tip in water and it will be filled with life energy, will help to strengthen your health. The product is made of red volcanic clay that is mined from ancient deposits on the slopes of the Teide volcano from Tenerife in the Canary Islands. This natural material contains a variety of nutrients, minerals and trace elements, has a strong negative electromagnetic charge and is excellent for detoxification of the body. Useful properties AQUASPECTR CERAMIC tenfold increases the presence in the wand of a rod of a special alloy metal (authoring), saturating the water active hydrogen ions that changes the structure of the liquid and gives it powerful antioxidant properties.
Be healthy and prosperous with AQUASPECTR CERAMIC!

The new product is three in one: portable filter, mineralizer and hydrogen generator.

Purifies water from chlorine and heavy metals;
Mineralizes the water ions (K, CA, Na, U, Mg, SI, si, etc.);
Destroys harmful bacteria;
Adjust the pH of the water (pH ” 7,5-9,ills.)
Gives the water antioxidant properties: ORP (-150) - (-650) mV;

Composition: magnesium, silicon, copper, potassium, calcium, sodium, lithium, etc. 100% natural.

Water treated AQUASPECTR CERAMIC contributes to:
Regulation of the pH of the body;
The reduction of cholesterol.
Quick recovery for sporting loads;
Normalization of digestion;
Strengthens the immune system;
Neutralizing free radicals;
The increased potency;
Removal of hangover;
To reduce the risk of cancer;
Activation of mental activity;
Normalization of blood pressure and blood sugar levels;
And much more...

Term use AQUASPECTR CERAMIC is not limited!
Price: 38000 tenge