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With dysbiosis in the twenty-first century?

Author: Ashot Khachatryan Papikovich
Languages: Russian
Publisher: Novosibirsk, RITS "Novosibirsk" 2015.
ISBN 978-5-900-152-59-5
332 pages.

the Book is intended for a wide circle of readers, mostly non-knowledge in the field of medicine, and may be useful for practitioners. It in a simple and popular form, it is the role of many microorganisms that inhabit the human gut, providing normal functioning.

the book describes the author's method of restoring the intestinal microflora helping the body to come in pristine condition and restore a system of autoregulation. On the basis of numerous examples from his own clinical practice, the author demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed treatment.

describes in Detail the preventive and therapeutic role of lactic acid product of "Narine".

Fish - benefit or harm? Myths and reality

Author: Ashot Khachatryan Papikovich
Languages: Russian
Publisher: Moscow, VZPI.
ISBN 5-7045-0392-5
115 pages.

the Book is intended for a wide circle of readers. The book describes in detail about the useful and harmful properties of fish. It is shown that existing up to the present time the arguments that fish is a dietary product, is a myth.

it Proved that the fish today is a toxic food that contains large amounts of heavy metals and parasites.

the book shows that the consumption of fish products can cause chronic disease. Describes in detail the author's method of complex purification and recovery of the body, which leads to cure many considered incurable chronic diseases.