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Founder - NovolifeСlinic | Clinic hydrogen medicine clinic Khachatryan Nur-Sultan


Доктор медицинских наук, профессор, Заслуженный изобретатель России, Почетный изобретатель Европы, Лауреат Премии Госкомизобретений СССР, академик Российской академии медико-технических наук, академик Европейской академии естественных наук, Профессор Оксфордского Академического Союза, Академик Нью-Йоркской академии наук, член Союза журналистов России.

Born in 1956 in Yerevan in a family of doctors. In 1980 he graduated from Yerevan medical Institute and moved to Novosibirsk. In 1989 he defended his thesis.

In 1992, he already has a doctorate in medical Sciences. He is the author of 6 monographs and over 300 scientific and popular scientific articles, more than 60 inventor's certificates and patents, poluchennyh the country and abroad, more than two dozen innovations industry values adopted for use by the healthcare Ministry.

His invention has won many awards – three gold, two silver and two bronze medals of the USSR, medals, R. Koch, P. Ehrlich, A. Schweitzer, and R. Virchow were awarded with diplomas and medals at international exhibitions.

In 1988 he was awarded First premieretrade of the USSR for the development of a new diagnostic method, recognized as the best invention of the year in all fields of science and technology.

In 1998, a presidential decree awarded him the honorary title "Honored inventor of Russia" for his long and fruitful work in invention and rationalization in health care. This honorary title among physicians were awarded only Professor G. Ilizarov and academician S. Fedorov.

In 2004, for the high scientific and technological advances in health care, Khachatryan A. P. was awarded the highest award of the European Academy of natural Sciences – "Big Cross" and medals Virchow and albert Schweitzer.

In 2006, for his contribution in the health and recovery of the population of Russia, he was awarded the highest premium mark of the Russian Academy of medico-technical Sciences of Russia "Golden medal. A. Chizhevsky". Name Khachatryan Ashot Papikovich known far beyond the borders of the CIS.

Widely known device and methods for early, rapid diagnosis of various pathological conditions and diseases, including cancer. He is the author of the original concept of the causes of cancer and many other serious diseases.

He has developed and successfully introduced into clinical practice in the USA, Singapore and Poland new methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various, today considered incurable, diseases. Diagnosis and treatment are conducted at the medical center International Health Academy (Novosibirsk) and in the Clinic of Professor Khachatryan (Astana).