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How to deal with winter melancholy - Article - NovolifeСlinic | Clinic hydrogen medicine clinic Khachatryan Nur-Sultan

How to deal with winter melancholy

Turn on the light in the bedroom for half an hour before going to stand up. One of the symptoms of winter melancholia is that in the morning harder and harder to force myself to get out of bed, even if you enough sleep. Connect bright fluorescent lamp to the timer so the lights lit up before the alarm goes off. Thus you would simulate an artificial dawn.

Use artificial light. Many people invest in light boxes that simulate natural sunlight, emitting 2,500 to 10,000 Lux (a normal lamp emits 250 to 500 Lux). They work by reducing the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) in the brain. For best results, use a light box daily, in the early morning, leaving it on from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Many notice changes after 2 weeks. 


exercise. did you Know that one hour of aerobics on fresh air (even if it's cold outside) has the same therapeutic effects as 2.5 hours of light therapy in the room? The reason is that this improves the level of serotonin, which is reduced during winter depression.

Follow your passions! When you have reduced serotonin levels, your body craves food high in carbohydrates, especially foods with high sugar content, for example, fast food or soda, because they raise serotonin levels. 


the Daily take a multivitamin containing vitamin D-3. Vitamin D is produced under the influence of sunlight falling on the skin, so in winter its numbers are dwindling. Although the results of studies of the effect of vitamin D on seasonal depression vary, a good multivitamin will also help to increase your energy level.

to Actively do more of what you can do only in winter. to Do what is only possible in the winter - here's a good way look forward the onset of winter, instead of hate her. To ride cross-country or downhill ski, snowboard, walk, snow-Shoe walking in winter Hiking & Cycling, ice skating, sleigh rides, tubing (riding on an inflatable sled), enjoy winter photography, playing or listening to music, watching winter nature, to get involved in astronomy – just enough to enjoy the winter. Take winter for what it is, and it simply can not become your enemy!


purpose. Your goal can be anything. Buy a calendar with fun (WITHOUT SNOW) photos. Mark on the calendar the first day of spring, and then, every free day that you will have. Write in the calendar all the fun and funny things you can do outdoors only in warm weather. For example, promise that in one weekend you go camping, on the other – on a tour, and during one weekend will arrange for a backyard party. Set goals for all period of time prior to the scheduled date, for example, going to the gym five times a week, improving your grades, or “master” a huge affair.

Go beyond. in the Winter, when every day seems gloomy and cold, easy to fall into a hopeless routine. It's easy to shake things up, for example, causing the bright and bold makeover with a new stylish haircut or establishing a relationship with a seemingly long-lost friend.

Dress for the weather. Many say they hate winter simply because they is still cold. If this applies to you, then reconsider your wardrobe and make sure that you dress according to the weather conditions. Make sure to keep your hands, feet and head warm. Long underwear can also work wonders and keep you warm.

  1. Create in your home comfort. Paint the walls in paint with warm and bright colors. Discard the sterile kitchen and replace the white paint yellow or turn gray, or beige living room into a cozy green haven. Hang on the wall colorful art pieces and scatter around a fancy pillow. A few small touches can truly help you cope with winter stuff.

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  3. Take the time of year for granted. Despite the fact that winter doesn't always feel amazing, it brings with it many wonderful things. The joy of the holidays permeated the entire winter. Many television shows are only in the period between winter solstice and spring equinox. Competitions in such sports, such as basketball, are held only from November to March. Sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, hot chocolate, blue jeans, and roaring fires in the winter are perceived very differently than in the August heat, when the temperature of outside air becomes unbearable. Keep a positive attitude and the cold months will fly by.